How to Keep Your Fire Sprinklers Operating Year-Round

  • March 15, 2022

Fire prevention is essential, no matter what time of year it is. It can be easy to fall victim to fire sprinkler problems without regular inspections. This type of equipment, much like any other machinery in your life, requires year-round checks to make sure they work correctly. Here are the steps that we recommend you take to keep your fire sprinklers in good shape all year long:

Monthly Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Each month, you or a professional should conduct a fire sprinkler inspection. There are a few basic things to look for to ensure your system is working. Perform the following regular checks on your fire sprinkler system:

  • Make sure all valves are open 
  • Make sure your water storage tank is full
  • Test the water pump to make sure it starts up

If anything appears to malfunction from your checklist, schedule an additional professional fire sprinkler inspection. These experts will know how to fix any common sprinkler system problems while following government regulations.

Yearly Fire Sprinkler Inspection

A professional should also perform an additional comprehensive fire sprinkler inspection each year. Minor problems—seen and unseen—with your sprinkler system can have devastating consequences if your property catches fire. 

Test your water flow device and monitoring system twice a year. These components are essential to the successful operation of your system. Many incorrectly assume that the monitoring system detects a fire, not smoke. Once smoke is detected, the water flow will determine whether enough water exits the sprinklers to extinguish the fire. 

As part of this inspection, professionals will also look for hanging debris or broken pipes. If anything is in the way of your fire sprinklers, remove it immediately. Fire sprinklers must be able to dispense water freely. 

How to Care for Your Fire Sprinklers

Every property owner should get into the good habit of taking care of their sprinkler system year-round. Fire sprinklers do not require a lot of maintenance, but you can take steps to prevent any malfunctions.

Make Space Around Each Sprinkler

Each sprinkler covers a certain amount of space that may need water in the event of a fire. For this reason, you should always keep each fire sprinkler clear of any other objects. Maintain a generous amount of space between your fire sprinklers and other fixtures on your property. 

Do Not Hang Items on Your Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are not surfaces to hang belongings on. Doing so can break the bulb inside the sprinklers and cause unnecessary water flow. It can also damage the pipes that carry water to the sprinkler. It is always unsafe to hang objects from fire sprinklers and water pipes. 

Avoid Bumping Your Sprinklers 

Be cautious and avoid hitting the fire sprinklers when carrying tall objects, like ladders. Bumps can cause problems in the sprinkler mechanisms and water pipes. Discourage children or anyone else from playing near pipes and sprinklers. 

Do Not Paint Your Sprinkler Covers

It can be tempting to paint your fire sprinklers and covers to match your interior design. However, fire sprinklers can malfunction if you paint them. The paint can block heat sensors in the sprinklers and cause delayed sprinkling or prevent them from working. Instead, work with professional fire sprinkler designers to create safe covers that blend in with their environment.

The Benefits of Professional Inspections

Professional fire sprinkler inspections are priceless when you consider the safety of your property. Professional inspectors have extensive knowledge of fire codes, sprinkler safety, and water flow. They will catch problems that you may not be able to identify on your own and propose cost-effective solutions to fix them.

Always consult professional inspectors if you suspect an issue with your fire sprinklers. Nothing is more important than safety. With professional fire sprinkler inspections, you can have peace of mind knowing your property is safe.